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Barcode 1 (001):
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Title (245a):
Order Odonata 4
Statement of Responsibility - Main Credits (245c):
Genetic / Luminaire / Purple / Blue Lotus / Semsis / Excession / Noma / Yumade / Bus
Place of Publication (260a):
Name of Production Company (260b):
Dragonfly Records
Date of Publication (260c):
Format (300a):
Sound Disk
Size (300b):
12 in.
Speed (300b):
33 1/3 rpm
Generation (300$3):
Listening copy
Formatted Contents Note (505):
Electric Show Down - Duet Dub, Way Out West Remix - Cascades - Psychedelic Rock N' Roll - Sound Vandal, Remix - Pulsar - Tube - Das Hume - Section 8
Credits Note (508):
Writer, Paul Jackson, Richard Kegg, Martin Glover, D. McBroom, Ian Rive, Nick Smith, Grant Collins, Magnus Andersson, Piere Busson, Gus Till; Producer, Paul Jackson, Jonathan Peters, Richard Kegg, M. Glover, Ian Rive, Nick Smith, Magnus Andersson, Piere Busson, Gus Till; Executive Producer, Philip Glass; Additional Producer, Way Out West, X-Dream; Remixer, Way Out West, X-Dream; Editor, Youth; Publisher, J Peters, Deeper Records NYC Publishing, Big Life Music, Flair Publishing Ltd, Copyright Control, MCPS; Graphic Designer, Mark Neal [Dusk Design], Buggy G Riphead [Sublime Photography].
Participant or Performer Note (511):
[None specified]
Language (546):
Subject Added Entry -- Corporate Name (610):
Dragonfly Records, [No address specified]
Subject Added Entry -- Topic Term (650):
Trance (Underground dance music)
Subject Added Entry -- Geographical Names (651):
Analog Digital (500):
General Note (500):
Darren would like to thank: Mum, Dad, Chris and other members of the “Family”, Greg, Daisy, Anna, Thomas, Danny & Maggie, Maya, Anne & Ben, Dom, Jams, George and all the Rhinos, John, Ail & Richard @ Matsuri, The T.I.P Crew, Russell & Tony @ Transient, The Simons @ Twisted, John @ Phantasm, Alex, Mark & Angie, Cozmo, Ants, Pookie, Neil, John F, Stanz and all the Mountain Crew, Purple, Kiwi Greg, Marcus, Elliot and anyone else that I have forgotten to mention. A special love and thought to the memory of Simon Balfe, you are always with me... Dragonfly thanks: Murray, Jazz, Tin and all @ Biglife, Mark Neal @ Dusk, Buggy 'G' Riphead, Dennis @ Vital, Robert @ HS Productions, Alex @ Cyber, Michael @ MDS, Alex @ Euro Media, Yaniv @ Cosmophilia, Shane @ Tape to Tape, Kim @ Vision, F 'da F' da @ Implant, Dave Fowler, Thomas 'H' Greene, Ben Lambert, Bertie Cairns and all are other friends wherever you may be, your support and help has been very appreciated. Youth would like to thank the usual suspects, you know who you are... Peace, love and respect from all at Dragonfly.. ; Recorded @ Porto Kora Studios, Stockwell; Recorded @ Laughing Buddha Studios; Recorded @ SE23 Studios; Recorded @ Nostrum Studios, Wiltshire; Recorded @ Spiral Studios, Sector 2 Sweden; Recorded @ Rhino Studios, London
Record Label Email (500):
[None specified]
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Matrix Annotation (500):
BFLLP 37 A-1-1-; BFLLP 37 B-1-1-, “T2”; BFLLP 37 C-1-1-; BFLLP 37 D-1-1-
Sleeve Type (500):
Album-specific cover sleeve
Color of Vinyl (500):
Black opaque
Paper Insert? (500):
Number of Discs (500):
*'s (500)
Condition (500):
M; M